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PRC Repairs Cornish Homes


There were 30,000 Cornish Units built after 1945.  Cornish Units are either Type 1 or Type 2.


Cornish Unit Type 1

PRC repairs to a Cornish Unit Type 1 a PRC certificate issued to a PRC Homes Ltd licence



Usually look like a bungalow style house with a mansard tiled roof.  The Prefabricated reinforced concrete (PRC) exterior walls are removed and replaced with a traditional cavity wall construction. The concrete exterior PRC walls are only on the ground floor and this makes PRC repairs to Cornish Units type 1 houses quick and low cost compared to a normal 2 storey house.


Cornish Unit Type 1 houses are normally repaired using a PRC Homes Licence and take about 4/5 weeks to complete. You can stay in the house during the repair. The PRC Certificate will give a 60 year structural guarantee.  Mortgages are widely available from many High Street Banks and Building Societies. 


Most Clients live in the Cornish house whilst the PRC repairs are carried out, these pictures are various Cornish Units undergoing a PRC repair and show the propping and boarding, which should give you an indication of what it will be like living behind plywood walls



We have recently completed Cornish repairs in Devon, Somerset, Essex, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Kent, Cornwall, Bristol, Herefordshire, South Wales, West Midlands and Kent 


PRC repairs to a Cornish house a PRC certificate was issued the Client purchased under the Right to Buy scheme and arranged a mortgage with the Halifax




Cornish Unit Type 2

Cornish Unit type 2 repaired to a PRC Homes Ltd approved scheme fitted with new doors and windows



PRC Certificate

If your Cornish unit house has already had a PRC repair but you do not have a PRC certificate you may find it difficult arranging a mortgage, as high street mortgage lenders will not offer mortgages without a PRC certificate. As long as the PRC repair carried out conforms to a licensed PRC repair scheme a replacement PRC certificate can be issued for £895 inc vat, call for details.


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