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How to Arrange a Retrospective PRC Certificate

The PRC Repair Co can arrange for a replacement PRC certificate for repaired PRC homes. Over the last few years we have been able to issue hundreds of PRC certificates which are accepted by high street mortgage lenders.

Competitive price £995 inc vat, why pay more for the same PRC certificate. We are aware of other PRC certificate issuers charging far higher fees for the same certificate.

A PRC certificate confirms the licence used for the repair work carried out. You cannot have a different certificate from other retrospective PRC companies as they will all confirm the same licenced repair.

No charge if a certificate cannot be issued.

We do not charge an upfront fee to arrange an inspection.

Simply call 08000 121361 or email your details

What is a PRC Certificate

A PRC certificate can only be issued once a PRC house has had a licensed PRC repair. Mortgage lenders rely on the PRC certificate to confirm that the PRC repair has been carried out to a mortgage approved standard.

Cornish type 2 repaired to a PRC Homes scheme

PRC certificate on a Cornish type 2 repaired to a PRC Homes scheme

PRC Homes Ltd

In the 1980’s PRC Homes Ltd was set up as part of the NHBC to administer PRC certificates and keep a central register of houses repaired to PRC Homes Ltd repair schemes. PRC Homes Ltd ceased trading in 1997 and houses repaired under PRC Homes Ltd schemes could no longer be registered with them.

Contacting PRC Homes Ltd

There are no direct contact details for PRC Homes Ltd and they do not have a website. If you need to check if your PRC house was registered with them at the time of the structural repairs you can only do so by contacting the NHBC. Some Clients have been able to obtain information on the repairs carried out although the NHBC can no longer issue a copy PRC certificate. There are a number of PRC certificate providers who can issue a retrospective PRC certificate which can be found on the internet, some with similar company names to PRC Homes Ltd. These Companies are not part of the NHBC or PRC Homes Ltd which is still a registered Company, although they have not been trading for nearly 20 years.

Who Issues a PRC Certificate

The PRC Engineers who issue retrospective PRC certificates should be experienced, qualified and be accepted by all the major high street mortgage lenders as being experts in PRC repairs. We work with Engineers who have over 25 years experience in PRC house repairs and members of the Institution of Structural Engineers qualified either CEng MIStructE or CEng FistructE.

Before a PRC Certificate Can Be Issued

An inspection of the property will need to be carried out. This survey will determine which repair scheme has been carried out on the property. Some background checks are carried out before an inspection is arranged. A PRC certificate can usually be issued in about 5 days. If you are unsure of the works carried out to your home give us a call for expert advice.

PRC Certificate Why Choose The PRC Repair Co

We have built up a great reputation for offering expert advice on retrospective PRC certificates over many years. Hundreds of PRC certificates have been arranged by us over the last few years and issued by PRC Engineers. All of these PRC certificates have been accepted by various high street mortgage lenders.

We also have detailed knowledge of Local Authority PRC houses which have been repaired in many parts of England and Wales. Last year we decided to offer PRC certificates for a fixed cost £895 inc vat which was hundreds if not thousands of pounds cheaper that any of our competitors. No other reputable PRC company offers a transparent pricing structure for a replacement PRC certificate.


Airey house before the PRC repairs

Local Authority PRC Repair and PRC Certificate

A lot of PRC houses have been repaired over the last 30 years by Local Authorities. The majority of these PRC houses have been repaired to a mortgage approved scheme and are accepted by mortgage lenders once a PRC certificate is issued. In most cases the Local Authority never issued a PRC certificate.

We arrange lots of PRC certificates for PRC houses repaired by Local Authorities.

Before you Buy a PRC Certificate

Always check with the Local Authority, Builder or a previous Solicitor to see if a copy of the original PRC certificate can be found as this can save you £995.

PRC Certificate Cost £995 inc vat

We only charge a fee as long as a PRC certificate can be issued. We do not make a charge if a PRC certificate cannot be issued. We cover most of England and Wales.

Cornish type 2 repaired to a PRC Homes scheme

PRC certificate Cornish type 1 repaired to a PRC Homes scheme

PRC Mortgages and PRC Certificate

Mortgage lenders have a list of acceptable licensed repairs for each type of PRC house.

PRC Certificate for Airey Houses Leeds and Yorkshire

The Local Authority have repaired many Airey houses in Yorkshire. These repairs have been carried out to Leeds City Council’s approved repair scheme either type 1 or type 2. Both of these repair schemes are accepted by mortgage lenders. We have found that most Clients arrange their mortgage with the Halifax or Nationwide once a replacement PRC Certificate has been issued.

PRC Certificate Repaired Airey Houses

Most Airey houses have been repaired to the Halifax Approved Scheme or Leeds City Council type 1. This repair scheme is for the works to the external walls on Airey houses.

prc certificate

Airey houses

You can upgrade this repair scheme to a PRC Homes Ltd licensed repair. The works to the external walls are the same as the Halifax approved scheme.

Internally the spine wall has concrete posts on the groundfloor as well as the first floor. These posts will either have to be removed and replaced or made redundant on both floors.

A new party wall has to be built against the existing party wall. Either in blockwork or timber frame according to the PRC Homes licence details. Without these additional works being completed in full the property does not comply with any licensed repair system.

High street mortgages are available for both of these repair schemes.


Wates PRC house under repair

PRC Certificate Client Reviews

After many years of unsuccessfully trying to remortgage having had PRC repair works carried out on our property but lacking the necessary certification. I found PRC Repair Co Ltd on the internet and within a few emails and phone calls, the PRC repair Co had arranged for an Engineer to come and inspect our property for a very reasonable fee. The inspection was a success and within a week we had a PRC certificate which allowed us to remortgage our property. Thank you to everyone involved with our case. You guys really did help me out so I need to give credit where it is due… Thomas Airey house in Northants

Hello. Just thought we’d let you know we got the keys for Fort Rd today. Thanks for your swift help. Made all the difference. Rachel & Craig Cornish house Hampshire 


Detached Woolaway house repaired to a PRC Homes Ltd scheme

Replacement PRC Certificate Recent Examples 

These Clients were stuck selling there homes as the mortgage lenders required a PRC certificate

Local Authority repaired Unity house in Bath.

Cornish unit repaired under the grant scheme 30 years ago by the Local Authority in Wales

Airey house in Cambridgeshire repaired 20 years ago by the Local Authority

Reema house repaired to PRC Homes Ltd licence

Leeds City Council repair to an Airey house in Yorkshire

PRC homes Ltd scheme to a Wates PRC house in Essex

Unity house in Swindon the Client lost the original PRC certificate

Woolaway house in Wales repaired by the Local Authority

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