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Airey House Construction

Airey House Construction

There were approximately 26000 prefabricated reinforced concrete (PRC) Airey house construction built in the UK after the second world war.  They were designed by Sir Edwin Airey as cheap factory produced housing which were quick to erect on site.  The Airey house was erected using reinforced concrete columns with ship-lap concrete panels tied to the PRC columns.

Airey House Construction

Airey PRC house

There are still thousands of Airey houses all over England and Wales especially in rural locations. Once repaired to a recognised standard they are widely popular with buyers and mortgages are easily arranged with High Street lenders at normal interest rates.

Airey House Construction Repair Schemes

The new BRE Repair Scheme for Airey PRC houses

Most high street mortgage lenders will offer mortgages at normal interest rates on this new scheme. The repair works are a lot more affordable than a PRC Homes scheme.

PRC Homes Approved Scheme

Most high street mortgage lenders will offer mortgages at normal interest rates on this new scheme. This repair scheme is the most expensive because of the internal works to the spine and party walls.

Halifax Approved Scheme

Not all mortgage lenders accept this scheme although the repair works are similar to the new BRE repair scheme. Most homeowners now have their PRC houses repaired to the BRE licensed schemes as they offer a lot wider choice of mortgage lenders.

Airey House Construction RTB

Airey house purchased under the Right to Buy scheme with a high street mortgage covering the cost of the purchase and the repair costs.

Airey House Construction & PRC Certificates

Most Airey houses are repaired using the Halifax Approved Scheme. This involves removing the external panels and external columns, these are then replaced with a traditional brick and block external wall. The PRC Certificate will give you a 60 year structural guarantee.

Airey house construction PRC repairs usually take 6/7 weeks and you can stay in your home during the refurbishment. Our builders are experienced and considerate whilst they are working on your home.

Airey house construction

 Airey House Construction Problems

Airey Houses PRC Certificate Lost or Missing

If you are looking to buy or sell an Airey PRC house without a PRC certificate you will have problems arranging a mortgage. High street mortgage lenders are insisting on a replacement PRC certificate before approving mortgage offers, we have been able to arrange for a retrospective PRC certificate to be issued on Airey houses where the PRC repairs conform to licensed repair schemes. A replacement PRC certificate can be issued for £895 inc vat. Call for details

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