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Woolaway Bungalow

PRC Repairs Woolaway Bungalow

There are thousands of Woolaway bungalows all over the UK.  Mortgages were available from major high street lenders a few years ago without any repairs carried out.  We have been contacted by quite a few clients over the past year as they are now finding it difficult to sell or remortgage due to mortgage lenders now insisting that a PRC repair is carried out and a PRC certificate issued.

Woolaway bungalow

Woolaway bungalow

A PRC repair to a Woolaway bungalow replaces the concrete panels and these are replaced with a traditional cavity, block and brick exterior wall. A PRC Engineer will issue a Certificate to confirm the works completed.  PRC Homes Ltd do not have a licensed  repair for Woolway bungalows as they were not on the defective housing list.

Once a repair has been carried out on a Woolaway bungalow major lenders will offer mortgages at normal interest rates.

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